AB6IX‘s Lim Youngmin was recently caught drinking and driving, leading him to halt promotions and delay the group’s comeback.


Shortly after the agency’s apology, Lim Youngmin took to his fan cafe to post a formal apology himself.


His letter reads as follows:

Hello, this is Lim Youngmin.

I’m ashamed and sorry to deliver such disgraceful news.

I’m sincerely sorry for disappointing the people and fans who showered me with lots of love and hope.

I feel pathetic and miserable that I have to be a shameful hyung who caused my members to suffer unerasable harm due to my behavior. I’d also like to sincerely apologize to my company for causing them harm as well.

I’m deeply ashamed that the members who practiced hard for this comeback as well as the staff who worked hard have been harmed because of my foolish and irresponsible mistake…

I’m fully aware of the mistake I made, and I’m deeply regretting it and reflecting upon my actions. I will accept all of the blame regarding my irriversible actions with my head down and reflect upon it as I continue to live on.

To everyone including fans, members, company employees, and family, who believed in me and cheered me on… I am sincerely sorry.

– Lim Youngmin