Currently, due to the T-ara controversy it would seem that public opinion is against T-ara minus the expelled member Hwayoung. The actor Ahn Jae Min however is supporting Eunjung.

He wrote on August 1, “The Eunjung I know is very pure. She gets lonely easily and out of the people that I know she is the furthest of having a celebrity personality. Even though she didn’t get any sleep after her Japanese concert, she is a friend that would still go to see concerts of colleagues and also join the after-events.”

He continued, “Of course she continues to take care of the people around her and she has not changed since the 10 years that I knew her. I don’t know much about the T-ara controversy so being surprised I am also reading up on it. However, it pains me because I have been watching them nearby for a long time. You are probably going through a hard time, take heart, and I will pray for you that after time everything will be alright. I love you dongseng.”

To Hwayoung he also stated, “You must have had such a hard time, and must still be going through it. All of you probably only have scars right now, I hope that everything gets settled soon.”

On July 31 it was announced that T-ara Hwayoung’s contract would be extinguished because she refused to go up on stage for a live performance. Rumors had been going around in the past that there was conflict among the members. Also, there were rumors that Hwayoung was getting bullied. One Netizens claiming to be a back dancer stated that she saw Hwayoung getting slapped in the face.

Because of the media CEO Kim Kwang Soo has held interviews, met with Hwayoung’s parents, and also reported on the fact of meeting Hwayoung and her sister together.