Actor Dong Ha has enlisted in the military.

On May 1, the actor enlisted through the 5th Infantry Division recruit training center located in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, which is also called the key unit. He entered the training center without any official sendoff events, though he did greet and thank fans who were there to see him. Dong Ha will go through five weeks of basic training and then fulfill his service as an active-duty soldier, having received a Grade 1 from is physical examination.

Before the enlistment, Dong Ha released a statement through his agency and said, “I want to thank all the people who have always supported me. I hope you all stay healthy and I will take care of my health as well. I will return as a more mature person, so please continue to give me your love and support.”

Dong Ha made his acting debut in 2009 and has appeared in productions like “Chief Kim,” “Suspicious Partner,” and most recently, “Judge vs. Judge.”

We wish Dong Ha the best of luck!

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