Actor Kim Bo Kang was recently caught by the police while driving without a license.

It was revealed on February 8 that the actor had been booked without detention by the Gangnam Police Station on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act.

According to the police, Kim Bo Kang was caught on February 7 at 10:40 p.m. KST in the Yeoksam neighborhood in the Gangnam district driving without a license. Prior to the police discovering he was driving without a license, he had violated another unspecified traffic law.

Investigations revealed that Kim Bo Kang’s license was revoked last August because of drunk driving. Licenses are revoked when one’s blood alcohol level is over 0.1 percent, though blood alcohol levels under 0.1 percent can still result in a canceled license if the culprit has caused an accident with human casualties. If someone is caught driving during the period that the license is revoked, they can receive a criminal penalty and not be allowed to have a license for two years.

Kim Bo Kang’s agency, Energedic Company, confirmed the news to MK Sports by stating, “Kim Bo Kang’s license was revoked last year because of drunk driving. Despite this situation, he was caught driving without a license on February 7.”

Kim Bo Kang made his screen debut in the 2008 drama “Who Are You?” and has since appeared in productions like “Let Me Introduce Her” and most recently “Eun Joo’s Room.”

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