Actor Kim Byung Ok was indicted without detention for drunk driving.

The actor was caught drunk driving on February 12 at 12:58 a.m. in his apartment’s parking lot. The police arrived at the scene after receiving a phone call from a resident of the apartment who stated that someone was driving abnormally in the parking lot. Because Kim Byung Ok had already gone home by then, the police searched up his address and went to his house to measure his blood alcohol level. It turned out to be 0.085%, which is enough to warrant a suspension of his license.

The police explained, “Kim Byung Ok admitted to the drunk driving charges and has returned home after signing a document outlining the charges. We will soon summon him to the police station and hear the exact details of what happened. He does not have a past history of driving under the influence.”

Kim Byung Ok told his side of the story to news outlet Edaily. He said, “After having a drink, I had a chauffeur drive me to my apartment’s parking lot, but it was my mistake to try to park the car myself. I have no thoughts of making excuses. I sincerely apologize.”

The actor is currently appearing on JTBC’s “Legal High” as Bang Dae Han. Regarding any changes to his appearance on the show, a source from the drama stated, “We have been informed about his drunk driving incident and are currently discussing the measures we will take.”

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