Actor Kim Dong Hyun has been sentenced to prison during his first trial on charges of fraud.

In 2016, Kim Dong Hyun borrowed 100 million won (approximately $89,323) and did not pay the money back, which led to the trial. Kim Dong Hyun also did not follow through on his word that he would use his real estate in Gyeonggi Province as collateral and that he’d get joint surety from his wife, singer Hye Eun Yi.

On September 14, judge Choi Mi Bok of the Seoul Central District Court found Kim Dong Hyun guilty of fraud and sentenced him to 10 months in prison.

Kim Dong Hyun denied most of the charges, but the court found him guilty. The court stated, “It was real estate that couldn’t be used as collateral and seeing how the documents were written, it can be seen that he used his wife as a guarantor to commit fraud.”

The court added, “The defendant made excuses that are difficult to accept and did not self-reflect. It’s not a small amount of money and he was not able to reach an agreement.” About the circumstances used to determine the punishment, the court added, “However, we did take into consideration aspects such as how he didn’t use all of the money that he borrowed.”

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