It has been revealed that actor Kim Jae Wook has recently joined a new agency, BETTER ENT, after signing an exclusive contract with them.

On June 5, BETTER ENT, which also houses the likes of Song Seung Hun, Chae Jung Ahn, and others, confirmed that Kim Jae Wook signed a contract with them, sharing, “Kim Jae Wook is among the actors that have continued to widen the range of his acting spectrum with every role he takes on. We plan to support him through various activities as an actor in the future.”

Kim Jae Wook has continued to earn love from fans for his acting in a variety of dramas and movies, including “Bad Guy, “Who Are You,” and more. He is currently preparing for his solo fan meetings in Tokyo and Osaka on July 19-20.

Meanwhile, the actor expressed through his new agency, “I will work hard to promote with a new mindset. Please look forward to good acting. I will greet everyone soon with a better side.”

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