Actor Kim Seon Ho, who has been busy with both dramas and entertainment, revealed a heartbreaking story about his past.

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During a past interview, he revealed that due to his childhood trauma, he became so shy that it was hard for him to even read a book in front of his friends.

He received this trauma during elementary school when a robber entered his house. At the time of the robbery, it was only him and his mother at home.

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Kim hid under the bed while his mother was stabbed with a knife by the robber.

During an interview, he commented, “When my mom was being dragged while she bled, I came into eye contact with her. I still remember the robber screaming as my mom tried to get away.”

After this horrible incident, he became anxious whenever someone stood behind him.

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He continued, “When my teacher told me to read a book out loud, I had a hard time breathing. Whenever the teacher or test director stood behind me during a test, my mind would go blank.”

His mother also had trauma due to the incident and would be scared of anyone wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

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Kim also revealed that people can change and that we can overcome obstacles. “I changed after I started studying plays. I think it was kind of like training. I overcame my trauma and started acting.”

He assured fans that his passion for acting allowed him to overcome his trauma and be the actor that he is today.