Popular actor Kwon Sang Woo had gotten into a bit of trouble lately – he was indicted on charges of hitting objects and cars two weeks ago. He had collided into a parked car when police discovered him driving on the wrong side of the road two weeks ago. Originally, it had been reported as a hit and run, but there were no casualties. There was also some exaggeration in the reports.

His fate had been unknown for the past two weeks, but the actor can now rest easy – he will only receive a fine. According to an official with a police station in Seoul who spoke with Asia Economic Daily, the case will come to a close “with Kwon just receiving a fine”. His agency stresses that the actor is deeply regretting his mistake due to poor driving and his leaving the scene.”

Kwon Sang Woo currently stars in the film, “71 – Into the Fire”, a film about 71 student soldiers who fought in the Korean War.