On July 13, musical and film actor Park Tae Kyung’s agency DJ Entertainment stated through social networking sites, “Park Tae Kyung is suffering from liver cirrhosis and cancer. He, however, is unable to receive treatments due to financial difficulties. Therefore, we ask you to be generous and help him fight this.” Along with this message, the agency also provided the actor’s bank account number.

In addition, the musical community is also trying to raise money for Park Tae Kyung. An official from the Seoul Musical Association announced, “Recently, we heard that Park Tae Kyung requires a liver transplant. The musical actors are trying to find a way to help our colleague in any way we can.”  

Netizens that heard this news commented, “I feel so sad for him. He is such a good actor,” and “I hope he gets help.”

Meanwhile, Park Tae Kyung has participated in over 60 musicals including “Proposal,” and also appeared in various films such as “Thieves.”