During the recent filming of JTBC’s “No Children, Better Life,” actor Woo Hyun appeared as one of the guests. The topic of this episode was titled “For the mental health of parents, kids need to lie to them VS do not need to lie to them.”

During the show, Woo Hyun was asked, “To keep your wife happy, what lies have you told her in the past?” Woo Hyun answered, “I often tell her that if women like Kim Tae Hee ask me out, I will poke their eyes out so they would run away from me.”

Woo Hyun also added, “However, the truth is Kim Tae Hee is not my ideal type. My ideal type is actually HyunA.” He then sent a heart gesture to HyunA, making his 13-year-old son Woo Jun Seo uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, this episode of “No Children, Better Life” will be aired on July 9, 2013.