Singer and musical actor Noh Ji Hoon married racing model Lee Eun Hye on May 19 at 4 p.m. KST.

Of the friends and family who attended the wedding, actor Kim Seung Hyun wrote on Instagram, “Ji Hoon, congratulations on your wedding. Today is the day that Ji Hoon got married. Kim Ki Ri was the masters of ceremonies + Kim Seung Hyun [himself]. I want to get married too. Lonely master of ceremonies.”

Former T-ara member Areum also congratulated them on her personal Instagram, posting a video of the ceremony and writing, “What a happy occasion. Congratulations on your marriage. The MCs were really funny and the officiant’s message was moving.”

Both the bride and groom posted photos a day before the ceremony, with Noh Ji Hoon showing off his tux and Lee Eun Hye showing off her unique bouquet.

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