Actress Park Shi Eun’s agency recently revealed her and Jin Tae Hyun’s position regarding marriage.

On March 14, Park Shi Eun’s agency PF Entertainment said to Star News, “As of right now, Park Shi Eun and Jin Tae Hyun don’t have any specific plans for marriage.”

The couple appeared on tvN’s “Taxi” on March 13, where they were asked about marriage. Park Shi Eun said, “I do say that I want to get married,” and Jin Tae Hyun said, “I do say we should get married quickly.” However, an official at Park Shi Eun’s agency said, “The two families have yet to officially meet. As of right now, the two are very ambitious in their work, and even if they do plan for marriage, it will be at the end of this year,” saying that if the couple does decide on a time to get married, they will reveal it to the public.

Park Shi Eun and Jin Tae Hyun met through the daily SBS drama “Pure Pumpkin Flower” that ended in May of 2011, and are currently starring as the leads in “Hold My Hand.”

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