Newly-wedded actors Jin Tae Hyun and Park Shi Eun showed that they  are currently volunteering during their honeymoon trip.

On August 2, Jin Tae Hyun posted a picture of the house they are volunteering at on his Instagram, located in Jeju Island. Along with the picture, the actor wrote, “We have come to the angel house filled with angels. By looking at Won Hoon and these other bright children, I am embarrassed that I have put this off for far too long and haven’t loved each other the way we should have. I will return after having become a more mature adult.”

He continued, “My partner Park Shi Eun has already become an aunt to these children, and I have become an uncle. Among these many children, our groups of twos and threes are always by each other’s sides. On our first day, after our pork belly and seafood barbecues, the children asked to take a stroll at the beach. On that day, I realized that you can’t freely comfort someone just because you want to. Because that’s arrogance as well. We are actually the ones being comforted.”

Jin Tae Hyun and Park Shi Eun first met back in 2010 when they appeared as a couple in the SBS drama “Pure Pumpkin Flower.” After having dated for  five years, the two wed on July 31, 2015. The wedding took place at the church they had been attending together, and afterwards the two left for Jeju Island for their honeymoon and volunteering activity. 

jin tae hyun and park shi eun volunteer during honeymoon

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