On July 22, YG Entertainment released the music video for talent Goo Hye Sun‘s fourth digital single “It’s You.” 

Goo Hye Sun will delight fans with her clear, brights vocals that accompany the melody strummed by an acoustic guitar. Even more surprising is the direction of the music video, which is filmed from the vantage point of a hidden camera that records Goo Hye Sun’s behind-the-scenes moments while composing and writing her original song “It’s You.”

The song is about a woman who falls in love with a man at first sight and watches him from afar. The motifs of the track are also based on singer Lee Jang Hee‘s own track of the same name. The song was also arranged with the help of pianist Choi In Young, who previously collaborated with Goo Hye Sun on her first directed film “Magic.” 

Other digital singles Goo Hye Sun has released in the past include “Marry Me,” “Amnesia,” and “Brown Hair.”