In a recent interview, Ha Ji Won explained how she came to be friends with BTS member V.

“Our hobbies are similar, so we became close quickly,” shared the actress. “We both enjoy looking at art and taking photos. So if we take pretty photos, we’ll share them with each other. We also talk about paintings. I think that’s how we became close.”

She also revealed that she had gifted V an art book that she discovered while traveling abroad.

Earlier this month, Ha Ji Won attended BTS’s concert and snapped a photo backstage with the idol.

She previously shared a photo of the two of them having brunch together back in September.

V, who is known for being the social butterfly of BTS, also recently posted pictures with Ha Ji Won and his other celebrity friends who attended the concert, including actors Park Hyung Sik, Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Gum, and Girls’ Generation member YoonA.

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