Actress Han Hye Jin recently announced on her twitter page that she had returned from a special trip with the tweet, “I just returned from a trip I took with the KBS ‘Road of Hope’ team to Tanzania.” She also included photos documenting the trip that have been compiled as a collage seen below. 

In the first photo shown in the top left corner, Han Hye Jin has her two arms spread wide, taking in the beautiful scenery at Kilimanjaro, the mountain. She captioned the photo with, “I think I’ve seen every animal that appeared in Lion King there.” And for the photo on the bottom right corner showing a giraffe crossing the road, the caption read, “While on the way to meet the children at Kilimanjaro, we met a giraffe. They say nowadays it’s difficult to catch the sight of one. On this day I counted 6 giraffes that crossed paths with us.” 

The other photos taken show the children and location where Han Hye Jin performed community service with the “Road of Hope” team. In photo shown in the upper right corner, she poses with a thumbs up with one of the young children she worked with. And in the final photo, a group picture of the schoolchildren is shown.

Netizens who saw the photos responded with, “Wow, your photos are amazing! Perhaps it’s because the model and backdrop are both gorgeous”, “Your natural, everyday appearance is just as beautiful” , “Not only are you blessed with a beautiful face, but with a beautiful heart” and “I admire that even when you’ve been caught in a whirlwind of busy activities, you still find time to serve others.”

In other news, Han Hye Jin’s latest film “26 years” is set to premiere on November 29.