Actress Han Ye Seul is no longer a free agent and has signed an exclusive contract with her new management agency SB Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of its parent company Verdi Media. Verdi Media is the production company responsible for the SBS drama “King of Ambition.”

The announcement was made during a press conference held on December 17 where Verdi Media’s CEO Yoo Yeong Ha also revealed his company’s new business agreement with Zenith Media Contents.

CEO Yoo Yeong Ha commented about the star actress’ future plans saying, “Due to being a “Korean Wave” star, Han Ye Seul has been recruited to make a full fledged entrance into the overseas market. Even though she has received many offers to be in Hollywood projects, she is currently preparing herself to film a drama in the first half of next year. She plans to be in a Hollywood blockbuster after she is done filming her drama.”

Actress Han Ye Seul recently released details about her relationship with hip hop producer Teddy Park.