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Sexy actress Kim Hye-soo, known for her provocative fashion sense, says
she knows when people are staring at her, but that she doesn’t mind and
that it’s a chance to provide a sense of fantasy to others.

Appearing on the KBS 2TV late night talk show hosted by actor Park
Joong-hoon that aired Sunday, Kim talked about her sexy dresses. She
was against wearing clothes that made a person uncomfortable in regards
to what others would think. But she said she was personally comfortable
wearing revealing outfits.

Regarding the rising trend of actresses baring more skin at award
ceremonies, she responded positively, saying, “I guess I started the
trend, but it’s more due to the freer social atmosphere of today. I
think it’s positive. Actresses don’t always wear fancy dresses. It’s a
time when the public and myself can enjoy something extra special and

She said her daring fashion sense resulted from her childhood, when she
couldn’t wear the clothes she wanted. She said, “It was different back
then. As a child, I couldn’t choose what I wanted to wear. I sometimes
wore my mom’s clothes and what she wanted me to wear: the ‘good girl’
look. I began to dress the way I wanted starting with midriff-baring
T-shirts from my mid-20s.”

Kim debuted in the 1986 film “Kambo” with Park and has retained star
status over the past 20 years. On the talk show, she also talked about
her life as an actress and a woman and about getting older.

She said, “I went through my adolescent years rather late in my 20s,
when I seriously pondered on my life’s direction. I couldn’t even
decide whether I would continue acting.”

On having children she said, “I don’t want to get married but do want
kids. It was a battle for me. But I’m now content to have my nephews.
They make me sufficiently happy.”

About aging, she said, “There is the fear of my physical condition
getting worse, but what I fear the most is that my inner self will not
correspond to my mature age.”

On the pressures of being an actress, she said, “No matter how talented
an actor is, not all his or her works can be fabulous. But no actor
should stop evolving. We must express through our body the years we
have lived.”