Actress Lee Mi Do is expecting her first child!

On May 11, Lee Mi Do posted a photo of herself on Instagram and wrote, “I have news that I want to be congratulated for. I’m pregnant.”

She revealed that it has been almost six months since she got pregnant. “I learned of my pregnancy during ‘Hold Me Tight,’ but I’m letting you know now because I was worried it might affect the drama,” she explained.

Lee Mi Do continued, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to directors Jung Ji In and Kim Sung Yong, the production staff, and the cast who helped and supported me so I could finish filming until the end. I’m thankful and happy everyday. I’ll fully concentrate on my prenatal education from now on.”

Lee Mi Do most recently appeared in MBC’s “Hold Me Tight” and has acted in other dramas, including “Father is Strange,” “Fated to Love You,” and “Marry Him If You Dare.” She got married in 2016 to her boyfriend two years younger than her.

Congratulations to the actress!

Meanwhile, watch the finale of “Hold Me Tight” below:

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