Actress Seo Shin Ae has fired back at (G)I-DLE‘s Soojin, claiming Soojin would bully her and say rude things to her for two years straight during middle school.

In a post on her personal Instagram account, Seo Shin Ae directed her comments towards “the person that mentioned me”, which would be Soojin in her post made on (G)I-DLE’s fan platform last week.

Hello, this is actress Seo Shin Ae.

Ten years ago, I was a young person with no courage. But if I hesitate and am scared again, I would feel disappointed in myself and be full of regret in the future.

I have been active in the entertainment industry since I was young, but I was an ordinary student just like everyone else in school. I transferred middle schools in the first semester of 8th grade, and I tried to get along well with my classmates.

The person who mentioned me has been constantly would nasty things, criticize me, make personal attacks and laugh at me almost every day with her group, whether I was on my way to school, in the hallways during break, or in the cafeteria. Things such as ‘she’s not even that pretty, how can she be a celebrity’, ‘whatever, she’s just a washed-up celebrity’, ‘she’s just an outcast’, ‘just what do the teachers like about her, why does she get special treatment.’

It could have just been the envy and jealous of the young students, or it may have been something you were saying as I would pass by, but those words that hurt me deeply still remain with me. The wounds then grew to a large bruise, and my fear of others began to arise. It’s also true that fears can turn into trauma, and that led to me having an introverted personality, which became a major obstacle for me in high school. I’ve realized that not just physical violence, but also mental violence can leave a lifelong scar on a person.

She says she doesn’t remember, and never talked to me, and that’s right. It was just a one-sided affair with her insults. It is regretful that you came to the conclusion that the contemptuous remarks and actions you made within your group weren’t true. And I don’t know what evidence or witnesses you have, but I want to ask whether your selective memories are genuine enough to explain everything I am mentioning.

— Seo Shin Ae

Seo Shin Ae then concluded her post by sending a message of hope to students who may be a victim of school bullying, encouraging them to speak out about it.

If there are people still struggling with school violence, be brave and ask for help. I couldn’t do that and I believed things would get better over time. I realized it wasn’t getting better.

I am sorry that this incident has caused concern to many people. From now on, I want to repay everyone with various activities as an actress, not through my personal matters. I hope everyone will be happy in April and even though we are exhausted and tired due to the coronavirus, I hope you will still cheer up. Thank you.

— Seo Shin Ae

Last month, Seo Shin Ae uploaded a post hinting that she was a victim of bullying by Soojin. Soojin denied such claims and called out Seo Shin Ae to make her own post about the situation.