For the latest inner wear brand ‘Yes’ advertisement, Actress Seo Woo once again turned heads as she showed off her alluring body. She showed her cheery personality both on set and during the photo shoot which the staff took notice and complemented her on. She also received praise for choosing eye-catching props and making up her own poses during the shoot.

For the latest ad, the actress turned back time to reveal a more 70s look as she showed off her denim knotted shirt and matching colorful shorts with her lingerie. With her various poses matching the concept of the 70s, the actress succeeded once again with her aura on set.

The marketing leader couldn’t help but to add, “The retro fashion revived with the ‘Dreamgirls‘ movie before it expanded into music and now into lingerie. During this season, we will gain popularity with one color pattern, ribbon, and lines that give the lingerie a cute feel.”

 Check out the photos of the actress below!

Credit: Nate