On December 9, actress Song Ji Hyo was spotted at JYJ Kim Junsu’s concert that was held at COEX in southern Seoul. When Junsu spotted the actress in the crowd, he went up to the actress while singing the song, “Because You’re My Girl.”

After the concert, Song Ji Hyo explained her reason for attending Junsu’s concert saying, “Although I am a huge fan of Kim Junsu, we also work in the same agency. The performance was great and for the first time in a long time I shed some tears and laughed a lot. It was really a special moment. I realized how Junsu can be so powerful on stage.”

An official of the C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Song Ji Hyo is a fan of Kim Junsu and enjoys listening to his ballad songs. When she heard that he was going to perform live with an orchestra, she made some changes to her schedule to attend the concert. When Kim Junsu saw that Song Ji Hyo arrived, the two took pictures backstage as well. Song Ji Hyo cheered and clapped her hands all throughout the concert and seemed to really enjoy the performance.”