Pictures of actress Gong Hyun Joo revealed her enviable figure at the gym.

Recently, images of the actress working out were uploaded onto a blog with the title, “Gong Hyun Joo’s Gym Pictures, Breathtaking Figure – All Kill!”

The pictures show the actress in a tight black workout outfit, which only accentuates her proportions and her slim, long legs. Although she has a slim figure, she has an S-line figure with womanly curves. Her figure and curves incited much wishful thinking and praise among netizens.

Upon viewing the images, netizens commented, “Her figure is amazing,” “It looks like she’s at a photo shoot at the gym,” “Her body doesn’t need any retouching,” and, “I’m really jealous.”

Gong Hyung Joo is currently playing the role of Han Soo In,  a heart surgeon who graduated from Johns Hopkins University, in the SBS drama, “Babo Mom.” 

Gong Hyung Joo