aespa recently appeared on SBS Power FM’s Park So Hyun’s Love Game where the song that Giselle auditioned with at SM Entertainment shocked the radio host.

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Park So Hyun brought up the topic of how aespa came to sign with SM Entertainment before revealing what surprised her the most.

I was curious about which songs you auditioned with, so I asked you about it during commercials, and I was shocked by what Giselle performed. Let’s reveal it to our listeners. You sang this song written for guys?

— Park So Hyun


After raising curiosity among listeners, Giselle shared which song she covered for the audition herself.

I did a cover of NCT’s Cherry Bomb.

— Giselle


She then went on to explain why she chose that particular song written for male idols when there are many other songs for female idols out there.

I wanted to audition through rapping, and I wanted to choose a song from SM. And when I heard Mark’s rap part in the song, I wanted to copy him.

— Giselle

It was so surprising that Giselle chose to audition with NCT‘s Mark‘s difficult rap part in “Cherry Bomb” that she was asked to perform a few lines on the show.

| SM Entertainment

Which she did, and slayed.


If fans didn’t know already, this just goes to remind everyone of what makes Giselle so special.

| SM Entertainment

She knows exactly who she is, and she has no problem flaunting it.

| SM Entertainment

Check out the full clip below: