It seems that super sleuth netizens are on the ball today – aespa‘s debut music video has just been released and people have already found out more about member Giselle‘s family background.

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It was previously reported that Giselle had attended a prestigious international school in Tokyo, the International School of the Sacred Heart. With hefty admission and school fees, it was already known that Giselle was from a fairly affluent family background. However, an old tweet unearthed her relations to an accoladed reporter, Joohee Cho.

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It seems that Giselle is her niece! Joohee Cho is the ABC News Seoul bureau chief and has even met the president of South Korea, Moon Jae In, personally.

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She has also moderated a global leaders forum for entertainment industry powers, which coincidentally, was the one in which plans for aespa had been revealed.

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She currently follows aespa on Twitter as well. The only celebrities she follows are that of her niece’s and SuperM.

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How’s that for family connections? On the other hand, the much-anticipated debut for aespa’s “Black Mamba” is now out. Take a listen below!