aespa‘s Karina has always been a fan of Girl’s Generation‘s Taeyeon. According to fans, during her pre-debut days, Karina would often express her love for the idol. Her askfm from pre-debut days declared Park Soo Jin, IU, Taeyeon, Kim Bo Ra and f(x) as her favorite celebrities.

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Karina recently got to meet her favorite idol on a radio show. Although the two are from the same company, there had not been public sightings of the two together until May 28, 2021. Taeyeon completed the “Next Level” choreography challenge for aespa’s TikTok. Check out their moves below.

Not only this, but Taeyeon made sure to give the girls a shout-out on her personal Instagram. She uploaded a story captioned, “Please give aespa lots of love.

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

What better way to become a successful fan than debuting yourself and receiving praise from your idol? Congratulations to Karina and the aespa members.