It hasn’t been long since aespa‘s debut track “Black Mamba” was released, but the song is already making waves across all platforms. Ahead of debut, the members stopped by Melon to reveal their “TMI” thoughts—including what they thought about each other when they first met.

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aespa’s first impressions of Karina

The first thing Giselle noticed about Karina was how tall she is—surprising, since Karina is reportedly only one centimeter taller than Giselle at 167cm. Giselle also revealed that they were originally shy towards each other in the powder room.

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Winter’s first impression of Karina was that she has unique looks. Karina was actually an ulzzang before debut—someone famous on social media for their good looks.

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Finally, the first thing Ningning noticed about Karina was that she has a long neck.

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aespa’s first impressions of Giselle

Like Giselle said, Karina shared that she and Giselle greeted each other very shyly when they first met. Giselle was the last aespa member to join the company, training for less than a year, but it seems she’s already formed a close bond with everyone.

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Winter’s first impression of Giselle was that she has noticeably long arms and legs.

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Finally, Ningning’s first impression of Giselle was also her long legs. Giselle’s height is only a little taller than the average K-Pop idol, but her proportions are certainly incredible.

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aespa’s first impressions of Winter

Karina’s first impression of Winter was that she’s very tiny. So far, Winter’s height hasn’t been revealed, but it looks like she might be the shortest member.

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Giselle’s first impression of Winter was that she looked like she’d be “very timid… and quiet”. However, Giselle says she’s since learned that Winter isn’t timid or quiet at all.

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Finally, Ningning’s first impression of Winter was that she’s like a small hamster. Perhaps this impression came from the small height Karina noted—or maybe it’s because of her adorable visuals.

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Their first impressions of Ningning

When Karina first met Ningning, she mistakenly thought Ningning was her unnie. Karina is currently 20 years old, while Ningning is just 18. Karina says she actually used formal speech with Ningning for three weeks before she realized their age difference.

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Giselle’s first impression of Ningning was that she’s really kind and pretty.

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Finally, like Karina, Winter’s first impression was that she thought Ningning was an unnie. However, while they’re both in the group’s maknae line, Ningning is actually almost two years younger than Winter. She was born in October 2002, while 19-year-old Winter was born in January 2001.

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