We reported yesterday, that for the SBS “Healing Camp” second episode of the Lee Hyori special which broadcast on April 23, Lee Hyori spoke about the first time her relationship was revealed and her mother’s outcry.

The reason for her outcry was that she thought he was ugly. Lee Hyori stated, “The moment I revealed my relationship, my boyfriend’s mother and mine both cried. My mother cried because he was ugly, and his mother cried because of an article that described us as the ‘Beauty and the Beast.’”

She continued, “I feel for her, because she was probably so upset that her son suddenly became a beast. I couldn’t say anything because I felt so sorry.”

She described another article, “There was another article that stated my boyfriend was old, only wore one set of clothes, and only plays the guitar. His mother texted him, ‘My poor son, you only wear one set of clothes and only play the guitar..’ I felt so sorry and realized how difficult it was to be in a revealed relationship.”

Lee Hyori then said, “I like Lee Sang Soon who is older, only wears one set of clothes, and only plays the guitar. In my eyes he is the best looking.”

For the April 30 episode of healing camp, JYP will appear on the show!