After School will end their unit group promotions, they had split up into red and blue teams. The news comes as being abrupt because on July 26th via the Pledis’ Youtube channel, After School’s Red had released the music video “In the Night Sky.”

The reason given for the ending of the unit group promotions is because they wanted to begin their promotions for Japan.

A representative of After School stated, “Although it’s sad to stop the After School Unit promotions, they will only continue on till next week,” “we plan to promote the entry into the Japanese industry through concerts and fashion. You will be able to see a new side of the hit song, “Bang!

On July 17th in Japan, After School had opened up a showcase and in one minute the tickets were sold out. Now, After School will be a part of a large concert called the “A-Nation.”

On August 17th After School will release the Japanese version of “Bang!” and officially begin their Japanese activities.

Source: Star News