It has been a long time since fans have seen After School promoting in Korea. This June will mark three years that the Korean fans have gone without a new After School song. Although Orange Caramel has been active during that time, the last song the group promoted as a whole was “First Love” in 2013.

To prevent this from happening, some After School fans have taken the matter into their own hands. A fan with an online ID Aqua Z from the United States has started a petition aimed at Pledis Entertainment, asking them to release a new album for After School.

Aqua Z commented, “After School made what Pledis is today, and to ignore the girls’ wishes to come back as a group and instead promote their sub-unit is completely unfair to both the girls and their fans.”

Over a thousand fans have signed the petition after only three days since it’s conception. Hopefully this news will reach Pledis!

Thanks to Sarah for the tip!