After School held a successful Japanese Show Case at the Akasaka Blitz and filled up 3,000 seats with Japanese fans. According to After School’s agency, tickets were sold out in a matter of one minute of opening, and also the After School MD products sold at the show case were also sold out.

An individual who worked on the performance stated, “The group had a very memorable performance that was something powerful that you can’t really see in Japan. Over 200 different news and television sources came to interview, and there was a high-five-touch event for all of the fans. Many fans cried during the event.

The agency Pledis had made a contract with Avex Entertainment, and both have announced that Avex Entertainment would try its best in order to make After School the best artists of 2011. The leader of After School, Gahee stated, “I was surprised at the number of Japanese fans that came to see our concert. During the concert everything was so memorable, I won’t forget this performance.” She also shed tears because she was so moved.

Starting from August 17th, After School will begin to officially perform “Bang!” in Japan.

Source: Star News