After School is the only girl group currently in South Korea that has an interesting, “Graduation and Matriculation System.” The reason for that system is concerns that a group might disappear if one of the members leave. Well, now Pledis Entertainment has added a new member to After School: Ga Eun.

Ga Eun is 17 and has been a trainee with Pledis Entertainment. She was picked because of her powerful performance and charms. In middle school Ga Eun studied in Japan. She will probably play a big role in After School’s Japanese activities. Due to her cute baby face and glamorous body she is being identified as After School’s new “Bagel Girl.” (Nickname for girls that have cute baby faces and glamorous bodies)

Ga Eun stated, “After I was confirmed to matriculate into After School, I felt very nervous. However, I would like to be a member needed by my After School seniors.”

A representative of Pledis stated, “After School is a group that is made up of members with different talents, such as Uee, Orange Caramel, and Yi Young. We believe that it is worth anticipating the role that Ga Un will play as a game changer.”

Ga Eun will have her official debut in South Korea through their new album which will be released on June 27.