After School has been chosen to promote products of Japanese food company “Hallyuwon.” “Hallyuwon” is a medium-sized food enterprise that sells a variety of Asian fusion cuisine, including Korean food like Bibimbap. 

Previously, After School signed a contract with global handbag and accessories brand “Samantha Thavasa” and have been featured on the billboard of “Shibuya 109“s building. They are continuously getting more offers to represent different products and companies in Japan. An official commented, “After School is becoming one of the most prominent Hallyu figures in Japan. Japanese advertising industry loves them.” 

Korean netizens commented, “Even in Korea, it’s hard to become a commercial model to promote food company products. Becoming one in another country? That’s amazing!” “I’m proud of After School’s success in Japan as a fellow Korean,” “It seems like the more popular you get in Japan, the less Koreans become aware of you,” and “After School’s the queen of commercials.” 

After School will release their first Japanese regular album “Playgirlz” on March 14. Following the album release, they will hold a series of independent concerts, starting in Tokyo at Zepp Tokyo on April 27. Fans in Nagoya and Osaka will also be able to see After School’s live performance on April 28 and 30.