After School’s Lizzy revealed that she was robbed in Thailand. On April 9 she wrote on her twitter, “Currently we are receiving investigation from a Thailand police office. Give my stuff back! You bad person, fine you can keep the money! But please give me back my cell phone and iPad. Please.”

The picture that accompanied the tweet shows Lizzy with Raina. The two appear like they are angry at the person that stole from Lizzy. The two visited Thailand and had some of their stuff stolen.

Netizens stated, “Wow that must be so aggravating in a foreign country,” “You still haven’t found your stuff, fighting!” “Such a bad person, I wonder how shocked you were,” and “You must be upset. Oh No!”

Beginning on April 27, After School will begin their first exclusive tour in Japan titled “AFTERSCHOOL First Japan Tour 2012 – PLAYGIRLZ –.