After School revealed the lineups for their upcoming subunits on July 11th, as they prepare for a unique “split-up-but-together” promotion later this month. They announced earlier that the group would split up in two unit groups, “A.S. BLUE” and “A.S. RED,” but did not finalize on the lineups until today.

According to Pledis Entertainment, A.S. RED will have Kahi, Jungah, Nana, and UEE, while A.S. BLUE will come with Jooyeon, Raina, Lizzy, and E-Young. The final grouping was determined by actual fans at the official After School fan meeting held on July 9th. It was the first time in K-Pop history that fans got to pick the final members for a music group.

The RED and BLUE subunits will run on opposite images. The A.S. RED unit will feature a sexy and powerful image, while A.S. BLUE will follow a cute and sweet concept. The two unit groups will be on a “split-up-but-together” strategy, running promotions simultaneously in the same period. After School is currently preparing for their Japanese showcase scheduled for July 17th, while the subunits are expected to debut later this month.