On April 27, After School‘s member Joo Yeon posted on twitter a picture of After School and commented, “We just had our first concert in Japan. Tomorrow, we’ll be in Nagoya. After School Fighting!” The revealed photo shows all nine members of After School in striped nautical t-shirt and short denim shorts. 

All members are smiling brightly at the camera, some signaling “V” with their hands. But the appearance of a new face in the back of the picture is drawing attention. Behind Joo Yeon is the new member, Ga Eun (in the red circle), who only joined After School on April 10.

Netizens commented, “We miss After School in Korea,” “Congratulations on your first successful concert in Japan,” and “I look forward to see what Ga Eun has brought with herself to the group!”

After School started their first Japanese concert tour on April 27 in Tokyo. They performed in Nagoya on April 28, and will be in Osaka on April 30. In June, After School will return to Korea with its new member Ga Eun and start a new cycle of promotion with a new album.