After School Uee’s drama “Birdie Buddy” has found a network and a broadcast date.  The much-delayed 24-episode drama will air on tVN, Mondays and Tuesdays beginning August 8th.

“Birdie Buddy” is the story of a mountain village girl who becomes a golf queen.  It is a remake of the cartoon “Buddy.”  Production on the sports-related drama began as early as spring 2010 and, unlike most currently airing dramas, has completed production before going on broadcast.  

Cast members Uee and Lee Da Hee demonstrated golf stances at the drama’s press conference held at the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel on July 27th.  A former swimmer, Uee displayed  a natural athletic grace in learning the new sport.  Meanwhile, Lee Da Hee attracted attention for taking off her high heels to pose with the golf club, as if checking the putting position.  

“Birdie Buddy” is directed by Yoon Sang Ho, who helmed “Tamra the Island” and “Legend.”


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