After School’s Uee is recently attracting attention for losing her trademark “honey thighs.”

Her unedited photo shoot pictures were uploaded on an online community board with the title: “Uee’s Unrealistic Photo Shoot Shooting.”

In the revealed pictures, Uee is posing for the photo shoot in a graphic printed mini dress and orange colored kill heels.

The singer garnered interest for still having a superior body ratio and slender mannequin-like body without any editing help from Photoshop. She lost her trademark honey thighs after rigorous dieting and even earned the nickname, “unrealistic body” for her thin arms and legs.

Netizens who saw the unedited photo shoot pictures said, “It seems as if she is going to break if someone just poked her,” “Seeing Uee’s bodyline makes me want to diet,” “She looks lovely when she smiles,” and “Uee’s honey thighs have gone missing.”