“Original Busan dialect girl” Lizzy released her adorable mirror selcas. On her Twitter on October 25, Lizzy posted two pictures along with the message, “My reflections on the mirror.”

In the pictures, Lizzy looks beautiful and mature with black smoky makeup and all-black outfit. However with her backpack and pouty lips, she can’t help but look like a cute college student. Netizens who saw Lizzy’s charm and maturity in these mirror selcas praised, “Lizzy is so attractive,” “She has always looked cute, but now she also looks very grownup,” “Good luck with your drama and Orange Caramel.”

Meanwhile, Lizzy, who is a member of After School’s unit Orange Caramel, is to appear in MBC’s weekend drama “Rascal Sons.” She will be playing Ryu Soo Young’s love interest.