Pledis Entertainment’s second girl group, Hello Venus, released their first teaser video on April 26. The 26-second video serves as a member introduction video, showing each member with their respective names. You get to meet the group for the first time, comprised of Yooara, Alice, Lime, Yooyoung, Yoonjo, and Nara.

Their team name is supposed to have the duel meaning of a friendly “hello” and the mystical “Venus.” Each member has built their own following even prior to their debut, including Yoo Ara and Yoon Jo who have made their names as Pledis’ main trainees. Yoo Young, the youngest member of the group, was born in 1995.

Hello Venus is currently busy filming their music video and taking photo shoots for their debut in May. The official release date of their first single is set for May 9. Enjoy the teaser video below!