After School girl group member Uee posted a proof photograph of herself and newest member Gaeun cheering cutely at a baseball stadium.

On August 24, Uee posted on the photograph on her Me2Day account with the following words: “After finishing my schedule, Gaeun and I came to Mokdong Baseball Stadium to surprise my dad by cheering him on.  It’s been a long time, baseball stadium!!  So exciting!!  Nexen Heroes fighting!!”

In the photograph, Uee poses with her fingers in a “v” with a bright smile, and Gaeun poses with her hands framing her face in a “v” with a cute aegyo expression.  Uee’s father is Nexen Heroes coach Kim Sung Kap.

Netizens who viewed the photograph responded: “Seeing your everyday appearance is so much better,” “You are so nice, you even cheer for your dad,” “Your arm [so thin] which could break catches the eye.”