After School’s Uee sent out a love call that she wants to throw the first pitch for the Nexen Heroes. (Uee’s father is the coach for that baseball team) For a recent interview with Sports Seoul Uee stated, “The beginning of the baseball season is coming up and I am very excited. If they would call me I would go and throw the first pitch.”

In 2009, Uee threw the first pitch for the Nexen Heroes. However, she wasn’t that well known at the time and her throw isn’t remembered. As well as it should be. In 2010 she had another chance to do the first pitch but she was 5 minutes late and missed it.

Uee continued, “In 2010 I had the chance to throw the first pitch but I missed it. I think that’s why I want to do it even more. I hope the Nexen Heroes ask me for 2012. You have to put this into the interview so that the baseball club people know.”

Uee plans on throwing the baseball properly, “My father always gives me pressure to learn how to properly throw the ball if I ever do the first pitch. If I get a chance to do it this year, I will have to start training several days in advance. I want it to be good.”

Uee ended with more about her father, “Nowadays when my father’s team wins an exhibition game he comes in very happy. My father is very happy now that he is the head coach of the Nexen Heroes. However, when I see my father although he is an adult, he is still cute.”