Former After School‘s Nana and Kahi show off their tight friendship through an adorable selfie! Ex-leader Kahi recently posted a photo on her own Instagram of the two, with the most touching caption.

| @kahi_korea/Instagram

Before I knew it, you became an amazing lady and an adult. I will cheer on your unchanging kind and hardworking character. #nanaisgreat

— Kahi

What are the other members up to? Let’s take a look at the current lives of the members of the iconic girl group, After School.

1. Kahi

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| @kahi_korea/Instagram

Kahi is now living life as a full-time mother and wife! She updates her YouTube, KahiVibes with exercise and healthy living tips.

2. Nana

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Nana is a full-fledged actress now! She has just finished drama Memorials and will be filming for Oh! Master with Lee Min Ki soon.

3. Raina

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| @raina_57/Instagram

Raina continues to sing, often uploading cover songs on her personal YouTube channel. Recently she even released an OST for the drama, Once Again, alongside Song Yubin.

4. Lizzy

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| @luvlyzzy/Instagram

Lizzy is still active on variety shows as well as in various dramas where she plays supporting roles. She is up for drama Oh My Baby soon, starring Park Na Ra.

5. UEE

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| @kim_uieing49

UEE is active in the drama world as well as on variety shows. She recently appeared in I Live Alone. She continues to grow as an actress.

6. Jooyeon

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| @jupppal/Instagram

Jooyeon is active on social media and in dramas. She recently starred in Hyena.

7. Bekah

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| @s.u.p.e.r.b.e.k

Bekah has since moved back to Hawaii and is a budding YouTuber.

8. Gaeun

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| @by.gaeun/Instagram

After appearing on Produce 101 and failing to make it to the final lineup, Gaeun is now leading a normal life. She has started a YouTube channel.

9. E-Young

Screenshot 2020-09-28 at 3.15.39 PM
| @e_young0816/Instagram

E-Young enrolled in university and is now a music major. She uploads musical covers on her Instagram.

10. Jungah

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| @jjung_a_kim/Instagram

Jungah got married in 2016 and now has a toddler son. She runs her own online shopping mall.

11. Soyoung

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| @ssossolovely/Instagram

Yoo Soyoung was the first to leave After School shortly after debut. She has not been active in dramas since 2015 and runs her social media as an influencer.
Although the girls of After School have each left Pledis Entertainment following the end of their contracts, it seems they are all doing well for themselves.