More actors are in talks to join the second season of JTBC’s “Waikiki.”

On November 14, Ahn So Hee’s agency BH Entertainment said, “Ahn So Hee is positively considering appearing in season two of ‘Waikiki.’” This was also stated by JTBC.

A source from JTBC added, “We’ve currently sent an offer to Lee Yi Kyung. We’re hoping that he’ll participate and continue along after season one.”

Lee Yi Kyung made a lasting impression on viewers with his funny acting, and many fans are hoping to see him again in the second season. However, the actor recently became the lead of MBC’s “Children of Nobody,” which may make it difficult for him to organize his schedule for both dramas.

A source from Lee Yi Kyung’s agency said, “Lee Yi Kyung received an offer for ‘Waikiki’ season two and is looking over it.”

It was previously reported that Kim Seon Ho also received an offer for the drama and was considering it.

The first season of “Waikiki” ended in April and told the story of a failing guest house. Like the original drama, the second season will be directed by director Lee Chang Min and co-written by Kim Ki Ho and Song Ji Eun.

The second season of “Waikiki” is scheduled to air in the first half of 2019.

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