Actor Ahn Jae Wook recently showed concern for his friends Jung Joon Ho, Jang Dong Gun and Cha Tae Hyun.

On MBC’s “The Track,” Ahn Jae Wook began to share stories about his friends and admitted, “My friends worry a lot about me.” He revealed that, although they also cross his mind and he worries about their welfare, they seem to worry about him more. 

Host Lee So Yeon asked, “Everyone’s already married, do you envy that?” Ahn Jae Wook replied, “I never understand why everyone goes home so early. They always seem like they’re forcing themselves to go home early.” 

He went on, “After my friends got married, I was sad that I could no longer call them up and say I would treat them out to a glass of soju.” Ahn Jae Wook also showed how close he was to his fellow mates by saying, “There is nothing more precious to gain than a close friend.”