Ailee‘s agency revealed today that their singer had injured her left ankle on July 10 KST.  This is unfortunate news for Ailee, who just released her latest album, “A’s Doll House,” today.

Despite her injury, Ailee went on stage to rehearse for her KBS’ “Music Bank” comeback performance. The choregraphy had to be altered, however, due to Ailee’s continued pain. It is reported that Ailee went straight to the hopstial after the recording.  

The agency stated, “Ailee fell on July 10 and seriously injured her left ankle. She received treatment, but she is still experiencing pain. Yet, she showed a strong will to make her comeback, and she went on stage thinking of her fans who waited for her new album. She will continue to receive treatment while continuing her album promotions.”

Hope Ailee gets well soon!