Singer Ailee’s comeback date is drawing close. Her album is revealed to be out on October 16. We should expect more updates any day now.

On October 11, YMC Entertainment released the album jacket for her upcoming mini-album “Invitation.” The photo seems to continue the stationary theme with gold rimmed frames and intricate font and design for the letter “A.” The gold color was a good choice to keep the look classy. The choice of the white background, her ivory white hair piece and white strappy dress brings out her flawless face and hair- the only other colors used in the picture (minus the sticker) to have a clean look.

Ailee has debuted with the song “Heaven,” grabbing the attention of the industry and public alike with her dynamic vocals. She proved to sing both ballads and dance songs with ease, making many forget that she’s still a rookie.

Soompiers, she’s one of the female soloists coming out in October. Who do you think will come out on top this month?