Ailee showed off her sexy bodyline in a tight attire for a pictorial for “Fast” magazine. On April 23, the fashion magazine “Fast” revealed Ailee’s feminine beauty with a pictorial.

In the photo, Ailee showed off her perfect S-line. She flawlessly pulled off the two opposite concepts of a sexy woman to innocent and feminine images. The attire shown in the photo resembles miss A‘s bandage dress, but it perfectly works for Ailee. The pictorial shows Ailee with a glamorous body, as if she’s a pop diva, and male fans have been going crazy over it.

A person in charge of the pictorial said “I directed in a way to draw out varieties of her charms and styles. Fortunately, Ailee freely posed for each outfit and staffs were amazed by her talents.”

Ailee is currently busy working on her new album.