Singer Ailee has made a surprise transformation into a countrified school girl.

On October 15, Ailee’s agency tweeted a photo of Ailee on set for her upcoming music video for “I Will Show You.” Eyes are being drawn to Ailee’s transformation into a common young girl from the countryside.

Fans are exclaiming that Ailee has turned into a “common country girl” with a retro, eighties feel due to her pigtails, her thick glasses, her pink polka dot dress, her lacy socks and white shoes. This image of Ailee starkly contrasts the image of her previous teaser for “I Will Show You” with MBLAQ‘s G.O, in which she looked sexy and glamorous. Netizens are expressing their explosive curiousity for Ailee’s upcoming music video and album because of these two different photos.

Ailee will release her first mini album “Invitation” with the title track “I Will Show You” on October 16.